Azure Disabled because you have reached your spending limit

What's wrong with this picture?

This is nasty. If you spin up a Redhat Enterprise 7.2 Premium image against your monthly MSDN or MPM subscription credit, it is not billed against your credit, but billed spearately as a 3rd party provider. Read the details in the description of the VM image.

# Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 - Pay-As-You-Go Premium Image


Use of this Pay-As-You-Go image carries a separate hourly charge that is in addition to Microsoft's Linux VM rates. Total price of the VM consists of the base Linux VM price (shown on the next pages) plus RHEL VM image surcharge. See Red Hat Enterprise Linux pricing for details.

No free trials, no monetary credit trials

Provisioning a VM from this image requires a subscription with no spending limit and a verified payment method (usually a credit card) associated with the subscription.  

I got burnt.

Let's break down the cost:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 Cost / hr 24 hours per weekper monthper year
Virtual machines with up to 4 cores £0.0367/hr£0.88 £6.17 £26.72 £320.61
Virtual machines with more than 4 cores£0.0794/hr£1.91 £13.34 £57.80£693.64

Remember,you need to add your VM usage (Compute/Memory/Storage) and Scalability Set options on top of this.

Makes Windows Server 2012 R2 look cheap

Just my 2 cents.

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